A Recruitment Agency for the Community & Housing Support Sector

Humane In today’s social housing environment, an organisation’s workforce, whether in fundraising, management or frontline support to service users often determines the success and longevity of the service.  Hence providing you with the right individual for the post is our priority.

Humane Recruitment is an established provider of recruitment service, tailored to support the public sector organisations.  We provide a 24-hour service to meet the sensitive needs of our clients in our communities.

Our service is based on the underlying principles of trust, accountability, integrity and respect to treat our customers as individuals with rights, needs and responsibility in our communities.

We pride ourselves in training and developing our candidates and therefore can guarantee their knowledge, skills and aptitude. In addition, we carefully select and vet our staff to assign them appropriately according to temperament, specialisation, competence and experience for the demanding and often sensitive work you require them to do.

Leading public sector organisations engage us and benefit from using our services for obvious reasons which includes:

  • Reliability of staff
  • Competitive rates
  • Fully vetted staff with enhanced CRB
  • Flexibility of candidates
  • 24hr service.